Revel Breezer 2021 RC1 released

Press staff

26 thg 8, 2021, releases Breezer (the first sample library manager for Windows) 2021 RC1, its major release since 2014

Ho Chi Minh City, August 26, 2021 – introduced the first sample library manager for Windows in 2010, appreciated by professional musician, produces, tv and radio stations for its speed, compact size, and rich feature set.

Now we are proud to announce the general availability of Breezer 2021.
The release candidate is feature stable and based on feedback from our community we will prepare the final release expected by the end of the year and represent our biggest upgrade in years.

This new release includes a complete redesign of the mixing engine, full 32bit audio pipeline for crystal clear audio output, improved ASIO support, BPM prediction (with state-of-the-art algorithms), improved tagging engine, spectral view, streamlined 3D-accellerated user interface and now is a true 64bit multi-threaded application. REX loop support has been upgraded as well to latest version.

Breezer is a one stop solution that helps professionals to get the most out of their sound libraries helping professionals to find and organize their samples. It’s instant search&preview feature perfectly blends in any existing workflow no matter which tool you use.

The new release is available today on our website download section and is free to use till RC2 is released.
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